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History of the University began in 1969 and at that time it was the only one institute of physical education in the region. In 1993 the Institute was reorganized into the Academy. In 2003 it deserved the status of the University, confirmed its role as the leading scientific methodical and sports centre in the South of Russia. Today the University is the third among universities of physical education in the Russian Federation. Sultan Akhmetov is the Head of the University nowadays he is the Doctor of the pedagogies, an honored teacher of Kuban, an excellent worker of public education.

The University provides three educational programmes of secondary education, eleven programmes of higher education and six syllabuses for those who are going to deepen their major professional education. There are faculties for full-time and part-time students in the structure of the University, faculty of qualification improvement and staff refreshment, faculty for foreign students, faculty of the pre-university preparation, magistrate, post-graduate studies and doctorate, linguistic centre, humanitarian and medical colleges, scientific and research institute. Rostov-on-Done Institute of physical education and sport and its branch in the city of Eysk are also the part of the structure of the University. Students from different parts of the region come to the University, because Kuban State University of physical education, sport and tourism is the only one in the South of Russia.
The teaching process is carried out by 26 departments. More than 70% of the teaching staff has scientific degrees and academic title. Among the University graduates there are distinguished athletes, physical education and sport organizers, coachers and teachers, who contribute to the cultural and social progress of the country.
All the activity of Kuban State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism is directed at the Olympic Games of 2014. In 2007 the University took 7 grants - 4 of them from the Russian humanitarian scientific fond and 3 from the Russian fond of fundamental researches.
Scientific and research work at the University goes in the frames of Rossport plan and Federal potential programmes. There are some complex scientific groups working with Russian united trampoline jumps, tae-kwon-do, handball teams functioning on the University base.
University supports the healthy way of life. Students take an active part in all social sport events held in the region. University organized the International forum Volunteers of health. The first Russian scientific and practical conference Public relations in sport was also organized on the base of the University. The staff of the University interacts with Federal agencies of physical education and sport.
Students of the Sport University dont put off the work-employment problem for a long time. They begin their career immediately from the start. Our students combine their work with study. It was the University who started to hold fair of Vacancies for its students and graduates. There is a procedure of assignment also, so about 90% of students can be employed in the field of profession received.
The University always cares for its specialists interests, calls to solve social sports problems in complex, actively integrates with business structures and actively cooperates with Federal department of physical education and sport.


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