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Preparatory Studies Department

On the base of Kuban State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism, in a couple with Kuban State Medical Academy, it was founded a Preparatory Studies Department. The main purpose or this Department is training foreign citizens of Russian language and preparing them to enter Russian High Schools. Teachers of high qualification and with great experience of pedagogical activity in Russia and abroad are working there.
Students of the Department study different subjects in depend on specialization they had chosen. Preparatory Studies Department prepares foreign citizens according to 3 main fields:
Medical and Biological field (studying of Russian, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Sport;
Humanity field (studying of Russian, Mathematics, Computer Science, Literature, and Sport);
Economics field (studying of Russian, Economics, Geography, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Sport).
Academic year consist of 2 terms. At the end of each term students take credits and exams in subjects they had been trained. Matriculation to the Preparatory Studies Department is coming annually in the period of September January. Groups are forming according to students date of arrival. In each about 8 students are trained.
On graduating from the Department students take final exams and get a State Certificate, what gives them an opportunity to enter any High School in Krasnodar-city or in Russia.
Studying Center of the Department, Deans Office, library and students hostel are situated in center of the city.
In the Preparatory Studies Department there is a Courses of Russian language. Groups of Courses of Russian language are forming annually in the period of September April.

    Department of Qualifications Increasing

    The department of Qualifications Increasing studies the increase of qualifications or the change of specialty.
    Main fields and specialties:
    Physical Education and Sport:
    - teacher of Physical Education and Sport;
    - theory and methods of different kinds of sport;
    - Physical and Health Improving Technologies (Methods).
    Social Cultural Service and Tourism.
    Adaptive Physical Education:
    - Sport medicine.

    Advanced Course:
    72 - 80 hours - certificate;
    140 hours - diploma.

    Professional retraining - 530 - 630 hours - State Diploma about professional retraining, what gives enables of professional activity.

    Professional retraining is for students with a Secondary Professional Education or High Education (any field). The period of training is 8 - 9 months, 4 - 5 sessions and defense of a diploma. It's possible to study by an individual curriculum.


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