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Post-graduate and Doctorate Courses, Dissertation Council

Kuban State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism is an organizational and scientific-methodical centre in the field of physical education and sport in the South of Russia. It coordinates tasks of scientific research and fulfills effective training of candidates and doctors of science for various fields of education and science.

The list of scientific specialties at Post-graduate and Doctorate Courses includes:
13.00.04 Theory and methodology of physical education, sport training, adaptive and health-related physical education (pedagogical and psychological sciences);
03.00.13 Physiology (biological sciences);
14.00.51 Rehabilitation Medicine, Sport Medicine, Health and Spa Resorts, Physiotherapy;
13.00.08 Theory and Method of Professional Training;
01.02.08 Biomechanics;
19.00.07 Pedagogical Psychology.

Vice rector in charge of scientific research, doctor of medicine, professor Gaik Alexaniants.
Tel: 007(861)255-35-85 E-mail:

Head of Post-graduate and Doctorate Courses, associate Olesya Medvedeva.

Foreign citizens are accepted according to international agreements.
Applicants for Post-graduate Courses take exams in:
-Special subjects according to the program for a scientific degree;
-Russian language;

In the University there is a Dissertation Council in specialties listed above.


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