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In KSUPhEST, in accordance with international standards there is a multi-structured level of training for specialists in Physical Education.
As in other Russian High Schools the language of training is Russian. Also all necessary literature is written in Russian.
For these reasons in our University training for foreign students has such program:

    -students get a State Certificate which enables to enter Russian High-Schools;
  • 1st level - bachelor degree (4 academic years),
  • 2nd level - master degree (2 academic years);
  • 3rd level post-graduate studies (3 academic years).

There is a Faculty of Qualification’s Increasing and Stuff’s Refreshment in KSUPhEST. This faculty is for those graduates who want to increase their professional skills or to change the sphere of their professional activity.

Academic year at KSUPhEST lasts from September till June and includes two semesters: fall semester and spring semester. All classes are held in Russian.

For those applicants who wants to enter for Bachelor or Master Studies or PhD studies it is necessary to submit their documents to the University admissions office before the 10th of July. And after this applicants should arrive to take examinations in accordance with the schedule.

6 departments of the University train students on 12 specialties. Magistracy trains students on 7 specialties.

Academic year at the Centre of Pre-University Studies for Foreign Students starts in October and lasts till July. During this period of time foreign students study Russian language and Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History and other subjects (according to future speciality). All subjects are on Russian language.


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